Firenze Shoes wooden blocks
Val av material för att tillverka skor


How to make shoes …

Making high quality shoes is a fantastic craft. From idea to finished product consists of a variety of different stages where most are done by hand. Forming lasts, in wood or plastic, requires precision and long experience as it is the last that determines how the finished product will look. Firenze Shoes only works with selected factories where knowledge is in the walls, in many cases for generations.

Select material …

Firenze shoes are directly involved in the selection of material, leather, suede, canvas etc. For example, our Double Monks and Brogue, we use exclusively leather and suede from Piacenza Italy. Leather from Piacenza is considered to be among the best in the world and we think you will understand when you wear your new Firenze shoes for the first time, maybe there will be a couple of double monks?