Beautiful sneakers in several designs!

All sneaker models are handmade in Portugal and Spain. In addition, all models are lined with calf leather and Firenze shoes sneakers fit all year round when sewn on rubber cupsoles. Durable and comfortable. The inner sole is also padded and provides extra comfort and charter.
Our model Captoe has Firenze shoes lily embroidered in copper wire on the outside. And the Santino model has a logo placed on the raised heels of different color as a nice discreet sender.
Laces is made of cotton and ton in tone on most models.
Sneakers have in recent years become more accepted at all ages and now we even see grandfather slip around in beautiful sneakers on his way to the accordion party. Use your new stylish shorts for jeans, shorts, chinos and why not to jacket.
This family includes the Firenze Captoe and the Santino tennis model. You can also find models in double monk and with a shaft. Why not spoil yourself with a few new ones and let your feet enjoy the sporty feeling.