Scarves and Cashmere


Firenze Shoes offers several different models and sizes of scarves that suit both men and women. Firenze works with Cashmere in our scarves for the simple reason that it is extremely soft and has world-class luster.

Cashmere is a wool from goats such as Alashanzuoqi, Pashminagoat.

The name cashmere derives from the Cashmere region in northern India. Today a large part of the wool is taken from goats from the inner mongolia in China and Mongolia.

For the best quality, only the underfleece is used after removing the cover, which is done by hand. The best wool is taken from the stomach, throat and cheeks as it has longer and thinner fibers.

Italy, Japan, England and Scotland are the market leaders in handling Cashmere. In Italy, for example, we see Loro Piana. They are experts in weaving fabrics in both cashmere and plain wool.

Cashmere is beautiful, soft, light, warm and very delicate wool and should be used with finesse.




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