Secure payment:

We offer our customers to securely and conveniently send and receive payments online with PayPal. When using PayPal, your payment details are kept private and each PayPal payment is followed by an email confirmation of your transaction. To learn more about payments and open an account at PayPal, visit PayPals website. Upon ordering, the total amount will be Deducted from your PayPal account and no additional charges for using this service.

Discount codes:

Discount codes are codes that can be used to get a discount on firenzeshoes.se. The codes are often used in connection with different campaigns. If you did not enter your voucher code before you paid, we unfortunately have no option to add the code for your order or correct the order amount afterwards. If you used a discount code upon your order, the amount refunded at a return will be adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately, we can not provide a new discount code even if you return the order.


Delivery usually takes 4-7 days to your nearest agent. To follow your package on DHL, use your shipping number on DHL.se. Once your package has reached the chosen agent you will automatically receive an SMS.


How do I return a product? Read through our return policy first. To return a product, follow the instructions provided in the package. You can also read our rules for returns. If you return a product, it is important that you save your receipt.

It’s something  wrong with my order:

Contact customer support and we will assist you. info@firenzeshoes.se

If receiving damaged packages, the following applies:

Please inform the postal agent or distribution bid that the package is damaged so that the damage is noted on the delivery slip and registered.
The package shall be retained unless the agent says anything else. It should therefore not be sent in return.
Is the product also missing or damaged:

All goods and packaging must be saved for a possible inspection
The address card must remain on the packaging
We need documentation on this in the form of photography. Please attach photocopies in an email to our customer service(info@firenzeshoes.se) so that we can investigate and assist you in the best possible way.

Have you received the goods I returned?

It takes about 5-10 business days before we receive and start process returns.